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Masters of the Universe Revelation Scare Glow

Masters of the Universe Revelation Scare Glow

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The Master of Fear has arrived! ScareGlow! 
Scare Glow made his first animated appearance in the 2021 series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation, in which he is voiced by Tony Todd. Scare Glow was depicted as a ghostly creature who ruled over Subternia, the land of the dead.

Masterverse is an exciting new line of Masters of the Universe® action figures, and its first wave celebrates the release of a thrilling Masters of the Universe® reboot: the Netflix animated series, Revelation! This Masterverse collection includes He-Man®, Skeletor®, Evil-Lyn®, Beast Man® and many more heroes and villains, all with highly detailed designs. Figures feature at least 30 points of articulation for extreme pose-ability and come with accessories - like a battle accessory or extra hands - for epic storytelling. A must have for collectors and fans who treasure the MOTU® legacy and appreciate that it's been expertly revitalized for the future. By the power of Grayskull!

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