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Masters of the Universe  KING KELDOR REVOLUTION Masterverse

Masters of the Universe KING KELDOR REVOLUTION Masterverse


Skeletor, born Keldor, was the firstborn child of King Miro and a Gar woman. However, since he was born outside of wedlock and wasn't fully Eternian, he could never be heir to the Eternian throne. Miro promised Keldor's mother, Sayrn, that he would return Keldor to Anwat Gar when he came of age, though he knew this was effectively banishing his son from the royal household forever. Despite this, both Miro and Randor, Keldor's younger half-brother and the heir to the throne, loved him. Even his stepmother, Queen Amelia, cared a great deal about him despite his illegitimate status and Gar origins, fighting with Miro constantly to do right by his firstborn son. When Keldor came of age, King Miro reluctantly sent him back to his people, greatly saddening both brothers.

This Masterverse deluxe action figure of King Kelder is designed at 7-inch tall scale with details authentic to the Masters of the Universe: Revolution

With 30 points of articulation, this collectible figure is ready for action moves and epic poses of King Kelder or as the well-known MOTU villain in disguise. His regal soft goods cloth cape with "feathered" collar is detachable

An alternate head is provided with a smirking expression, related to his hidden identity. An extra set of hands are included and a removable crown. The crown fit on either head

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