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Masters of the Universe TRI-KLOPS New Eternia Masterverse

Masters of the Universe TRI-KLOPS New Eternia Masterverse


Masters Of The Universe 
Masterverse New Eternia TRI-KLOPS 

A minion of the evil Skeletor and enemy of He-Man and the other heroes of Eternia. He wears a rotating visor helmet with three artificial eyes fixed to it, each with a special type of vision. In some media this gives him the advantage of seeing in three directions at once, while in others he sees only out of the front eye and rotates his visor depending on which type of vision he requires.The exact function of each eye varies in different versions of the franchise, although they are usually portrayed to be Distavision (the ability to see from far distances), Nightvision (the ability to see in the dark), and Gammavision (the ability to see through objects or around them); each eye also has a different optic blast.

This Masterverse action figure of Tri-Klops, is designed at 7-inch tall scale as part of the Masters of the Universe: New Eternia line, which features original character designs inspired by classic MOTU concepts.With 30 points of articulation, this talented 3eyed hunter and swordsman features 2 rotating and swappable visors, ready for combat in the fractured world of New Eternia.The signature look of Tri-Klops comes with 2 swords, a cross-body belt that can holster his gold sword, and 2 sets of swappable hands.His head and chest armor are removable and the swords fit in the back of the chest armor.

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