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Transformers Beast Wars II WHITE LIO JUNIOR Special Jigsaw Puzzle edition 1998

Transformers Beast Wars II WHITE LIO JUNIOR Special Jigsaw Puzzle edition 1998


Beast Wars Special 300 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle — Convoy & Lio Convoy (Basic, 1998)

Lio Junior was completely redecoed in two different schemes, each one available packed in with a different 300-piece jigsaw puzzle, based on the two new-to-Japan parts of the Beast Wars Special Super Lifeform Transformers theater-release "movie".
Lio Junior White Version cast him in a Lio Convoy-inspired white and yellow deco. Interestingly, only the plastic colors have changed, with Junior keeping the same paint colors as the normal retail release, including the brown on his torso meant to blend in with the mane pieces on his upper torso that are now not brown

Lio Junior is a child and acts his age expertly. When he's reprimanded, he pouts. When he's denied a request, he pitches a fit. And when he messes up, he passes the blame.
So naïve and immature, Lio Junior makes Tasmania Kid look like a 4-star general.
But it's not entirely his fault. Lio Junior was literally born yesterday; created in a fluke accident by the influence of pure Angolmois Energy upon Lio Convoy’s Energon Matrix. Though Lio Convoy won't entertain the subject, Lio Junior considers him his father and desperately craves paternal approval. And though Junior may be a child, he's not helpless. He swings his "Lio Byūto" weapon with devastating effect, can launch balls of Angolmois Energy from twin projectors in his mane, and is even capable of short-range flight in robot mode.

Item comes loose, but complete with tail weapon. The white appears to have a yellowing tinge to it in areas, probably due to age.  Please see pictures for condition. 
Does not include Puzzle, Instructions or Box.
Other figures pictured for reference only and are not included. 

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