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Transformers BW Metals Depth Charge (Kaitei no Taiketsu VS-46, 1999) Pre-Owned

Transformers BW Metals Depth Charge (Kaitei no Taiketsu VS-46, 1999) Pre-Owned


Depth Charge (also Depthcharge) was once an Imperial Peace Marshal whose territory was completely destroyed, and every robot under his protection slaughtered, by the malicious entity known as Protoform X. Since that fateful day, Depth Charge has lived for no other purpose than to enact justice (or vengeance) on X. His single-mindedness makes him a relentless hunter, stopping at nothing to prevent X from taking any more lives. His quest has more than taken its toll on Depth Charge, though; whatever he was before, he is now a joyless, hollow shell of a being. While he sometimes expresses sympathy for other beings and lends aid to his fellow Maximals, Depth Charge has clearly been consumed by his mission, and the destruction of Protoform X is now more important to him than the original reasons behind his quest.

Depth Charge transforms into a robotic manta ray, and a third vehicle mode. The very end of his tail detaches to form a sword/harpoon. In all modes, his robot chest/manta mouth is a spring-loaded, gravity-fed disc launcher with 7 "Shrapnel Grenade" disks (or "power pizzas", as Cheetor calls them). He comes with a "cybershark" drone-unit that has two spring-loaded missile launchers in its mouth. This drone can attach to Depth Charge's manta/space-cruiser modes or be used as a hand-held weapon in robot mode.

Item comes Pre-Owned loose & almost complete, but is missing 1 missile to the shark drone. 
There is some wear on the transmetal foil (please see pics) reflected in the pricing. 
This was from the 2 pack with Metals Inferno (Kaitei no Taiketsu, Multi-pack VS-46, 1999) 
If you need more pictures, please ask. 

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