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Transformers Gaia Scramble BRAWL #6 Kabaya Gum (2013)

Transformers Gaia Scramble BRAWL #6 Kabaya Gum (2013)


Transformers Gaia Scramble Kabaya Gum (2013) 
Number 6 - BRAWL   

Twelve of the Aerialbots, Stunticons, and Combaticons were sucked into a black hole during a battle. With Slingshot, Skydive, Breakdown, Wildrider, Blast Off, and Swindle missing, the remaining six are forced to join forces to find their missing comrades and return to their own universe. Thus their combined form Gaia Scramble (Gガイアスクランブル Gaia Sukuranburu) was born.

Kabaya's Gaia Scramble can only be assembled by purchasing all six of his components individually. Each component is a snap-together model kit sold with a piece of gum. A hole in each box allows the buyer to get a look at the number of the kit inside. Two different color schemes are sold of each of the six molds, allowing you to make versions of the missing six characters.

Item comes in open outer box, but sealed inner packaging. Never opened to assemble. Please see images.

*Please do not consume the gum if you open this pack. firstly it is awful when fresh, but this is now a decade old and could cause you harm.

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