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Transformers Gaiacross #6 LAUNCHER Kabaya Gum (2011)

Transformers Gaiacross #6 LAUNCHER Kabaya Gum (2011)


Transformers Kabaya Gum series - Gaiacross #6 LAUNCHER (2011)

LAUNCHER transforms from a Tank like vehicle to robot and then forms the right leg of Gaiacross! 


Gaiacross is the final evolution of Landcross! 

Gaiacross can only be assembled by purchasing all six of his components individually and assembling them, with a lot of partforming. Each component is a snap-together model kit sold with a piece of gum. A hole in each box allows the buyer to get a look at the number of the kit inside.

Although there is an official scheme for the combination (Jet is the upper torso, Stream is the lower torso, Cosmo is the right arm..etc), the fact that all six core robots are functionally identical means that any component can form any part of the merged form. Gaiacross is armed with an axelike weapon formed from leftover vehicle parts from Jet, Flame, and Crush.

Item comes in unopened box.
Please do not consume the gum in the box. It is awful even when fresh, but being over a decade old it may cause you harm. 

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