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Transformers Legacy Buzzworthy Bumblebee Creatures Collide Set

Transformers Legacy Buzzworthy Bumblebee Creatures Collide Set

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You've probably heard the buzz, but Bumblebee is kind of a big deal. And now the bodacious bot is making his mark with a line of some of the most buzzworthy Bumblebee products for fans of all ages. See what all the buzz is about. 

Goldbug finds himself facing villainous enemies from an alternate universe! The Decepticons and Predacons have teamed up to defeat Goldbug in an epic creature collision! This pack includes 4 alternate universe-inspired figures, including Autobot Goldbug, Ransack, Skywasp, and Predacon Scorponok figures. Figures convert from robot to alt mode in 14-25 steps. Each figure comes with character-inspired weapon accessories. Includes 2 alt heads for Predacon Scorponok and Skywasp figures.

Buzzworthy Bumblebee figures feature collectible special packaging themed to fit the Buzzworthy Bumblebee line. Collect more Buzzworthy Bumblebee figures(each sold separately, subject to availability).

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