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Transformers Takara Beast Wars II Tasmanian Kid VS-14 (1998) Pre-Owned

Transformers Takara Beast Wars II Tasmanian Kid VS-14 (1998) Pre-Owned


There's the young, there's the restless, and then there's Tasmania Kid, who has both of those qualities to spare. A fairly green recruit, Kid's enthusiasm to prove himself and bask in the spotlight is as unbridled as it is dangerously stupid. Kid is desperate to see himself recognized and honored as one of the greatest Maximal warriors of all time, but he wants that recognition now and preferably without all that training, strategy and diplomacy stuff.

Mischievous, reckless, insubordinate and disrespectful, his fool-hardy search for a "big break" on the battlefield often lands him in hot water... both with the Predacons and the Maximals. Despite his shortcomings, Kid's ambition and enthusiasm are seen by his superiors as qualities to be molded and directed rather than fully discouraged. And with each catastrophic mistake, he learns another valuable lesson about what it means to be a soldier.

Item comes Pre-Owned, but complete with tail launcher.
Rear leg of beast mode has been glued on and has paint wear on nose, (reflected in price).
Item is from the Chiheisen no Taiketsu: Tasmania Kid vs. Dirge (Vs Pack, 1998). 
**Dirge figure heavily damaged & missing weapons can be sent along with this for no extra charge, please message to say if wanting. (can send pictures on request) 

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