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Transformers WFC Punch / Counterpunch & Prima Prime  Pre-owned

Transformers WFC Punch / Counterpunch & Prima Prime Pre-owned


Transformers WFC Power of the Primes Punch/Counterpunch & Prima Prime.

Punch : possessing a unique transformation ability that allows him to adopt a second robot mode, Punch poses as a Decepticon named Counterpunch to spy on the 'Cons as a double agent.
On the surface, Punch is a stoic individual that can take charge and keep others calm in a crisis. However, this is an act that hides how paranoid he's become. His responsibilities as a spy, in addition to the things he's seen among the Decepticons, have made him a mess internally. Punch's entire personality changes when he becomes Counterpunch—although still loyal to the Autobots, Counterpunch is a violent brute that even Decepticons prefer to avoid. More recently Punch has suffered blackouts while disguised, the invented Counterpunch personality taking on a life of its own. Punch is suspicious of all those around him, fearing that there could be a double agent among the Autobots operating as easily as he does among the Decepticons.

Prima (aka Prima Prime) is the first Transformer. Created by Primus, he was appointed the Warrior of Light and given the legendary Star Saber sword with the Matrix of Leadership in its hilt. Chosen to lead the Thirteen against their eternal enemy Unicron, he and the rest of the Thirteen were made stewards of Primus' planetary form, Cybertron.

In 2018, Hasbro released three exclusive Deluxe Class figures in premium-style boxes, each with a translucent Prime Master, to commemorate the Prime Wars Trilogy. Each figure represents one part of the trilogy. Punch-Counterpunch was exclusive to Amazon in North America.

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