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Transformers Windcharger vs Decepticon Wipe-Out UN-27 TAKARA

Transformers Windcharger vs Decepticon Wipe-Out UN-27 TAKARA


Transformers United Windcharger vs Decepticon Wipe-Out UN-27 by TAKARA.

To date (March 2024) this is still the only way to get a 'Wipe-Out' named release of this character.
Originally introduced in Marvel Transformers comic run US #27 / UK#111-112. 
When Trypticon needs some small task done, he calls on Wipe-Out to do it. Wipe-Out serves Trypticon with an astonishing level of toadying sycophancy, layering on so many compliments that he actually irritates the giant with them.This small Decepticon's super-quiet engine lets him perform recon work ahead of the slow-moving dinosaur, and he is armed with a grease gun.
One of Wipe-Out's duties as Trypticon's all-purpose attendant includes lubricating his immense joints. (See images for comic appearance) 

Of all the Ark's crew who crash-landed on Earth, Windcharger is unquestionably the fastest on the ground, at least for short distances. Windcharger can go from zero to 60 MPH virtually instantly, limited only by the traction between his tires and their driving surface.
In robot mode, Windcharger can energize his arms and make them the poles of a precisely controllable electromagnet, powerful enough to levitate ten tons of steel 700 feet away. With care, he can draw objects gently toward him or hurl them violently away. Also, as the long-suffering laws of physics dictate, this field is extremely strong near Windcharger; at close range, he can tear magnetic objects to shreds.Unfortunately for Windcharger, his power supply, biased as it is toward a brief, heavy overload, is prone to failure if the overload is too severe or too long-lasting

The packaging feature a sticker that said "limited quantity (数量限定)", indicating that this set is released in limited numbers after its first and only shipment.
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Items come Mint in box, complete with instructions. Please see pictures for box condition. 

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