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Masters of the Universe Origins Anti-Eternia He-Man

Masters of the Universe Origins Anti-Eternia He-Man


Anti-He-Man was the master of Anti-Eternia, a hellish world located in the Universe of Darkness. The evil counterpart to He-Man, Anti-He-Man had black skin and red hair. He was completely evil and undefeated in combat. He would raise his sword and call upon the power of Hell-Grayskull. Anti-He-Man entered Eternia when Skeletor built a World Converter and used it to open an interdimensional gate between the two realities. Instead of joining forces with Skeletor, Anti-He-Man threw him out of Snake Mountain. He later challenged He-Man to combat. Anti-He-Man vanished when Man-At-Arms and Skeletor destroyed the World Converter.

From Mattel's "Masters of the Universe Origins" series come this highly articulated and fully posable action figure. It stands approx. 14 cm tall and comes with accessories in a blister card packaging.

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